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Medi-Q is one of the leading suppliers of reprocessed medical devices in South Africa.

Reprocessed Medical Devices

Every piece of our reprocessed medical devices undergoes rigorous testing and quality assurance processes to ensure top performance and reliability. ……………………………………………….

Committed To Healthcare

We are dedicated to enhancing healthcare access by providing high-quality, reprocessed medical devices, ensuring affordability and environmental responsibility.

Why Us?

Medi-Q clinical sales provides SAHPRA and FDA Certified, state-of-the-art reprocessed single-use medical devices and is the leading sales provider of Radio Frequency Ablation Catheters, Turbo Elite OTW, and RX Lazer atherectomy devices. We are committed to creating a safe working environment focusing on human well-being and reducing waste. We conduct our business in an environmentally sound manner while striving to minimize potentially adverse environmental effects. We strive to ensure quality service to meet and exceed customer expectations and continually promote industry best practices.

Minimized Medical Devices Waste

Elevate Your Medical Experience

Trusted by Medical Professionals

In Compliance With SAHPRA, AAMI and FDA Standards

Our Products

Medical Furniture

Medi-Q serves as a prominent provider of healthcare devices, offering cost-effective solutions.

Emergency Devices

Items include automated external defibrillators (AEDs), first aid kits, oxygen tanks, and emergency response vehicles, among others.

Diagnostic Devices

This specialized devices encompasses a wide range of tools, including imaging devices like CT scanners, PET scanners, and MRI machines.

Material Devices

Designed to reduce the risk of injury for healthcare workers by facilitating the movement of heavy or bulky items, such as medical devices and supplies.

Doctor's Room

Our devices aims to optimize the patient experience, streamline medical procedures, and support healthcare providers.

Theatre Furniture

Designed with a focus on patient well-being and healthcare provider efficiency, medical furniture encompasses a wide range of specialized pieces.


Encompass a wide range of items, including gloves, bandages, surgical masks, syringes, and wound dressings, among others.


These accessories include items such as disposable electrodes for ECG machines, probe covers for thermometers, and tubing sets for infusion pumps, among others.

How Does The Process Work?

How Does Medi-Q work?

Our innovative process ensures the seamless functionality of our medical devices.

  • Restock
  • Order
  • Use
  • Contain
  • Collect
  • Reprocess

These are the steps we take to guarantee the highest quality and reliability. Through rigorous testing and quality assurance processes, we ensure that every piece of our reprocessed medical device meets top performance standards. Our commitment to healthcare access, affordability, and environmental responsibility sets us apart. Trust Medi-Q for minimized medical device waste, an elevated medical experience, and the confidence of being trusted by medical professionals.

What Devices Can I Place Into The Containers?

You can place the following devices into our containers: Cancelled case devices, open but unused devices, and expired devices. We ensure that all medical devices undergoes rigorous testing and quality assurance processes to guarantee top performance and reliability. Trust us for minimized medical devices waste, an elevated medical experience, and the confidence of being trusted by medical professionals.

What May Not Be Placed Into The Containers?

When it comes to our containers, there are certain items that may not be placed inside. These include sutures, glass vials, needles/syringes, neuro-spinal devices, and gauze. We prioritize the quality and reliability of our recycled medical devices.

What is the core business of Medi-Q?
  • Medical device manufacturing/reprocessing.
  • Medical device distribution.

We ensure that every aspect of each of the above processes is carefully monitored to ensure the smallest carbon environmental footprint.

Why should you partner with Medi-Q Sustainable Healthcare Solutions?

The effectiveness of a reprocessing program is best measured by the amount of cost savings generated – typically measured in Rands per bed (R/bed). Medi-Q delivers the highest total cost savings in the industry through a proven approach that maximises the number of single-use devices collected, reprocessed and used by each customer.

Is adding your service expensive?

There is NO capital investment to start our service in your facility.

What is the implementation process?

Medi-Q representatives meet with your organisation’s reuse approval committee to discuss the process, identify devices included in the program, set up device collection locations within the hospital and facilitate arrangements for their collection and delivery. Each facility can begin collecting devices immediately. Medi-Q handles all the details, from pick up to delivery.

Accreditation & Awards

Our Commitment

At Medi-Q, we provide excellent, reprocessed medical devices to improve healthcare accessibility while promoting affordability and environmental responsibility.

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